4 reasons why we love Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

We all love shopping and the more online shopping portals available – the merrier! So why not investing in this sphere?

Everyone knows the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate that provides B2B, C2C and B2C services (we personally tried B2C quite some times!). The portal was first created to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is a very, very profitable business and still growing quick.

With almost 30% net profit margin, the group still grows 60% YoY. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd BABA 176,62 +5,07 +2,96% still invest a lot in innovation and maintains healthy free cash flow. Here to the investor relations.

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The financial ratios – High in general, acceptable for tech stocks

With a similar market cap than Amazon.com, Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has a much lower P/E ratio, and price to book ratio. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd also shows less debt than his head to head competitor.

The analysts show a strong buy as recommendation for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

Before investing in Alibaba we did a proper research. Here to the analysis we found cold be useful.

It’s a holding – diversifying assets

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, is taking it to the next level, same as Alphabet Inc couple of years ago. Internalizing shopping chains, supermarkets, technologies companies. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd diversifies and spread risks.

Still keep in mind, it’s a tech stock. And they are under investigations by the SEC. However at HousewifeTrading, we feel Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is a buy&hold.


Housewifetrading bought Alibaba Group Holding Ltd at 176USD per share in October 2017.

None of the above is guaranteed to be correct & accurate. Please make your own research for your personal trading. HousewifeTrading is not responsible for any loss occurred following one of our trade. If you disagree with this policy, you are asked to leave this website immediately.


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