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6 questions to test the honesty of your media agency

After spending a big part of my career on the advertiser side where I bought media in more than 20 countries with 30+ different media agencies. I moved to the other, darker side. And took a management position of a media agency in a developing country. I learned a lot and it made me realize how valuable it is to find an honest and reliable media agency. Picking a media agency is a long process. So you’d rather be diligent in the screening. After understanding “how do media agencies earn money” here are 6 questions to make sure your media agency …

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oil fields 100USD a barrel

Oil up to 100USD? Trump strikes China back

Cac 40 expected stable at opening Wall Street folds, Europe resists. It must be said that the Euro currency continues its decline that began a month ago, favoring European exporters. A trajectory that should be supported by political developments in Italy. The two anti-system parties agreed yesterday on the main principles of a government agreement, without having so far succeeded in appointing the future President of the Council. A program likely to put pressure on Italian obligations and to displease Brussels, given the budgetary expenditure and tax cuts announced. 100 USD per barrel? The trend should also be supported by …

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us rate vs european rates

A rate discrepancy between US & Europe rates?

Cac 40 should opened on a slight high. Historically, if American interest rates rose, European rates often followed. That has not been the case in recent days. American rates are going up. The benchmark rate for US 10-year government bonds even exceeded 3.10% yesterday, and yet European rates are not flinching. German rates even fell a little yesterday. The spread between American rates and German rates, known as the spread, has even reached a record level. We had not seen such a gap since the late 1980s. We used to blindly follow the American markets to invest in European markets, but …

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us treasury bond up to 3.07%

Headless Italy, Singapore cancelled (?), Rising Dollar

Paris stock exchange should open on a moderate down. Ten-years bond yields almost up to 3.07% As the period of quarterly publications comes to an end, macroeconomics and geopolitics are the focus of market attention. The publication of statistics in the United States are indicating that household consumption is on a very positive trend – due to wage increases and tax reform – has rekindled inflationary pressures. Ten-year bond yields rose to almost 3.07%. However, at this point in the American economic cycle, this return of inflation seems to be under control and the risk of a stronger than expected …

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some hope for air france

CAC 40 & Rest of the world – Some hope for Air France?

Back to Business! The french stock exchange should open on a slight decline. CAC 40 – 8 weeks of gains? After a Monday, which felt like a long weekend, back to business, with a lot of statistics to study and two results of the CAC 40 to analyze. Yesterday, the traders didn’t have much to work with. As a result, they focused on the rise of the euro, which slowed down certain excesses. The CAC 40 did not take advantage of the good trend on Wall Street. With this small slip, the index thus moved a little away from the …

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itilia new government coalition

Headless Italia : CAC40 & Rest of the world

CAC 40 is on fire. It should open on a small high. Except for 5 negative sessions, the Paris stock exchange has consistently been increasing. And it should keep the momentum. Market futures announce a stable opening, even in slight progression of the CAC 40. Most Asian markets ended the night on the rise, in the wake of Wall Street. The Dow Jones had still gained a few points Friday, gaining 2.3% in a week, yet marked by the resumption of economic hostilities between the United States and Iran. The controlled rise in oil has provided support for heavyweights in …

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Peace discussion in Singapore

One night in Singapore – CAC 40 and rest of the world

CAC 40 is expected slightly up on the Friday The lights are still green. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet in Singapore on the 12/11/2018. Wall Street, which had benefited from the surge in oil prices following the withdrawal of the United States from the Iranian nuclear agreement, continued its progress. The Dow Jones thus signed its sixth consecutive rise. Apple continued its ascent to a new all-time high with market capitalization approaching $1 trillion. Oil prices remain firm, with crude oil gaining 0.31% last night at $71.6 a barrel in New York. The US markets were relieved …

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soldier and helicopters

CAC 40, DAX & Rest of the world : All hands on deck

Based on futures – CAC 40 expected to open at a limited high. No relaxing for investors this Thursday. Not only are the markets are open, but there is a lot to talk about. Oil prices continued to rise overnight as a result of geopolitical tensions resulting from Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 agreement signed with Iran, Opep’s third largest producer. Exchanges of fire (Apparently 20 rockets) took place on the Golan Heights between Iranian forces and the Israeli army. American black gold (WTI) prices exceeded $71 for the first time since 2014. The Brent was approaching …

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Oil rafineries

CAC 40 and rest of the world: quiet despite Trump’s decision on Iran

You might as well spare yourself the surprise; this trading session is likely to be as quiet as the previous one. If you are aware of the decision announced by Donald Trump last night to pull the United States out of the Iranian nuclear program agreement, perhaps you expected a strong reaction from the stock markets this morning. Apparently, this will not be the case. The US President’s announcement is violent, and worrying in several aspects (uncertainties about the future of links between Iran and its trading partners, disruptions on the oil market, rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East) …

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How Media agencies earn money

How do media agencies earn money

The main role of a media agency is fairly straight forward. A brand wants to increase its sales and/or brand awareness, and therefore gets in touch with a media agency that will help the brand on two fronts, the brand message itself and/or the media exposure. In this article, we will focus on the media buying / exposure and how media agencies earn money. So let’s imagine a brand has a 200k€ budget, here is what happens in most cases : Client and agency negotiate a fee. That is opened and stated on the IO (Insertion order). It’s a percentage of …

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